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Karol Knoop, R.N., B.S., C.C.R.A.

Karol Knoop, R.N. has led the operational aspects in the clinical development of Ellodi’s flagship product, APT-1011, over the last few years. She has over 30 years’ experience in clinical research, focusing on talent development, resource management, and strategic project oversight. Karol’s capabilities include the integration of resources during times of corporate evolution and change, particularly during mergers and acquisition.

Prior to entering the world of clinical research, Karol was the COO of a 501c3 Home Health Agency in Utah and key in the development of several entrepreneurial projects that included clinical research. Karol then spent over 10 years at Sanofi Pharmaceuticals leading workgroups to develop feasibility methodology for Phase I to IV clinical studies and identifying Key Opinion Leaders and Centers of Excellence for successful study execution. Her multi-therapeutic and entrepreneurial background bring a strong solution-oriented approach and knowhow to Ellodi Pharmaceuticals, for the integration of all to bridge clinical study activities with Medical Affairs and medical education, which are key for the preparation that underscores the launch of new drugs.

Karol has been an industry speaker for topics in quality cultures, project execution, patient recruitment/retention and project/performance metrics. She has been a co-author on industry publications and abstracts. Karol is an RN with a degree majoring in Health Care Administration, greenbelt in Lean Six Sigma and trained with the Project Management Institute. As the Executive Director of the Utah Nurses Association, Karol was an ad hoc member of the Advisory Boards for the nursing programs at the University of Utah and Weber State University.